Encourage Gratitude and Thanks Among Our Team

Why Does Gratitude Matter?

Boosts Morale:
Expressing thanks and appreciation can boost the morale and motivation of our team members.

Strengthens Relationships:
It helps build strong, supportive relationships among colleagues, leading to better teamwork and collaboration.

Increases Productivity:
Recognizing the efforts of your peers can improve job satisfaction and, as a result, increase productivity.

Enhances Well-Being:
Gratitude and positive interactions contribute to a sense of well-being and reduce stress.
How You Can Share Thanks and Gratitude:
Kindly take a moment to fill out this survey to extend your heartfelt appreciation to a colleague.
We encourage you to share your gratitude not just during the month of November but throughout the entire school year.
Your expressions of thanks go a long way in creating a culture of appreciation and support.
Similar to the Outstanding Service Nominations, a copy of the response will be printed, laminated, and sent to the employee on your behalf.
Let's make gratitude a part of our daily routine, and together, we can create a more appreciative, supportive, and positive work environment. Every little bit counts. Thank you for your commitment to making SHJUSD a better place to work.
Your acts of kindness and appreciation will undoubtedly make a difference.